The Company realizes the importance of good corporate governance that it is important to help promote the operations of the Company for its efficiency and sustainable growth,

which will lead to all stakeholders; from employees, investors, shareholders and other stakeholders. Therefore, the Board of Directors has deems it appropriate to establish a better corporate governance policy.

Good Corporate Governance

The Company realizes the importance of good corporate governance that it is crucial to help promote the Company’s operations for efficiency and sustainable growth. This will lead to the utmost benefit to all stakeholders.

Business Code of Conduct

The Company is aware of the ethics and the company’s personnel ethics which is an important basis for supporting and elevating good corporate governance. It is also an important foundation for the business to grow steadily and sustainably as well as being the thing that will support the Company to be able to achieve the objectives of business operations.

Internal Control and Internal Audit

The Company has prepared the Company’s internal control measures in order to enhance knowledge and understanding on its practices and principles for monitoring internal control evaluation and accurate internal control reporting and allow employees to implement throughout the organization. This will result in the operation to achieve the objectives that lead to the sustainable growth of the organization.

Risk Management

The Company is committed to managing risks that affect the achievement of organizational objectives, which covers security risk management, health and hygiene of employees, society and communities, including the environment in accordance with international standards, compliance with laws, regulations, operational standards and correct operating manuals.